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How can you raise a responsible kid? Here's what you need to know about family values, volunteering, money and time management, and more.

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Ahmaud Arbery's Case Makes It Hard To Allow My Black Son to Just Be a Kid
A Black mom of four explains her frustration in simply not feeling comfortable letting her youngest son go outside to play—especially after Ahmaud Arbery's murderers were found guilty of hate crimes.
Is Driving School Worth the Cost? Here Is How Parents Can Decide
The cost of a driving school can vary a lot – from state to state, and by the purpose of the training. If you answer "yes" to any of these three questions, it is worthwhile to sign up.
Black Children Experience Racism Before White Children Learn About Race—Their Experiences Should Be the Focus
In all the arguing over critical race theory and how young is too young to learn about race, the emphasis is on white children. Meanwhile, Black students across the nation experience racism daily.
How to Talk to Kids About Poverty
When it comes to discussing poverty, there's a fine line between scaring kids and instilling hope. Here's how to find that balance.
How to Teach Kids the Difference Between Needs vs. Wants When It Comes to Money
Does your kid "need" that Nintendo Switch? These expert tips will help parents teach kids valuable lessons about money priorities and financial decision-making. 
Could Your Child Earn Money Playing Video Games—and Should You Let Them? 
Cryptocurrency and the NFT craze have taken earning money via video games to a whole new level. So how do these games work, and how, as a parent, should you navigate this with your kids?

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The Parents Guide to Getting Their First Phone—and Teaching Them to Be Good Digital Citizens
First steps. First day of school. First phone? Getting their own cell is fast becoming a new developmental milestone, and it’s happening earlier all the time. Being a kind digital citizen starts now.
How to Raise Compassionate, Socially-Conscious Kids
In an excerpt from her new book about raising socially conscious kids, Parents advisor Traci Baxley, Ed.D., a parenting coach and mom of five, offers advice for nurturing a generation that will help change the world.
I've Only Bought My 3-Year-Old 4 Toys in Her Life—Here's How

Knowing the damage that consumerism does to the environment made me adopt a toy-minimalist lifestyle—and it's had a positive impact on my daughter's creativity as well as my wallet.