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Do Babies Hiccup and Burp in the Womb?
From the causes of fetal hiccups to what they feel like, here's everything you need to know about babies hiccuping in the womb.
Inequity in Maternal Health Care Left Me With Undiagnosed Postpartum PTSD
The condition—often caused by birth trauma—impacts up to 17 percent of birthing people, but it's often underdiagnosed and undertreated, especially among lower-income patients.
As a Parent of Twins, I'm Tired of Not Being Seen
It's hard enough being a twin parent. Stores and restaurants shouldn't make it harder.
Formula Feeding Cured My Anxiety
One mom shares how switching to formula helped her own mental health after experiencing stress from breastfeeding difficulties.
Why Crib Bumpers Are Never Safe 
Crib bumpers are dangerous for babies. Here's what experts say and why Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois is trying to get them banned with the Safe Cribs Act.
4 Baby Formulas Recalled After Several Infants Reportedly Fall Sick
The Food and Drug Administration has expanded its recall of powdered baby formulas after the death of another child.

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Double Stroller Recalled Due to Wheel Breakage and Fall Hazard
The recall, which was issued on February 16, affects Valco Snap Duo Trend strollers. The affected models pose a fall hazard
Why Budgeting for an Extra Plane Seat for Your Baby is Worth the Money
A child under 2 years old can fly on your lap for free—which can feel like a great excuse to travel with a baby for no additional cost. But believe me when I tell you: Buy the extra plane seat.
Are Infant Loungers Safe?

Infant loungers can comfortably hold your baby, but they're often recalled for safety issues. Should you buy an infant lounger for your little one? We spoke with a pediatrician and community educator to learn more.