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Parents who are experts in their fields share tips to help make parenting a little easier.

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I'm a Mom and a Robotics Coach: Here Are Fun Ways To Boost Your Kid's STEM Skills
It's easier than you might think to help your child build strong STEM skills right at home—even if they don't show any interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.
I'm a Mom and a Pediatrician: Here's How I Limit My Family's Exposure To Harmful Chemicals During Mealtime
Dr. Manasa Mantravadi, a board-certified pediatrician and mom of three, shares simple steps to protect your family against harmful chemicals found in food and common household goods.
I'm a Dad and the Founder of an Education Company: Here's How I Approach the Learning Gap for My Own Kids
The COVID-19 pandemic forced parents and children into digital classrooms (even at the kitchen table), forever changing our idea of school and creating a potential for learning gaps along the way. Sal Khan, founder of the famed Khan Academy, explains how being a dad impacts his efforts to close the learning gap with his own children.
I'm a Dad and a Bourbon Taster: Here's How I Talk About Alcohol With My Kids
I make my living around alcohol and I never hide that from my young kids. Here's how I teach them about responsible alcohol consumption in the process.
I'm a Mom and a Viral TikTok Doctor: Here's How I Keep It Real With My Kids on Delicate Topics
An OB-GYN who has gone viral for her honest TikTok videos about sexual health uses the same approach for her 7- and 4-year-old boys.

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I'm Nev Schulman, a Dad and Host of 'Catfish': Here Are My Biggest Pieces of Dating Advice for Parents
Dating as a single parent can sometimes be intimidating and frustrating. But there are simple and smart strategies to save time and steer clear of deceptive matches, according to the Catfish: The TV Show host and dad of three.
I'm a Dad and an Event Planner: Here's What I Do For My Kids' Birthdays
Birthday celebrations don't have to be lavish to be memorable. A celebrity event planner breaks down what he and his husband do to make their daughters' birthday parties special.
I'm a Mom and a Life Coach: Here's How I Teach My Kids to Cope in Difficult Times

A life coach shares the five ways she teaches her kids to get through their hardest moments by staying positive.