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Study Shows Use of Diabetes Medication Before Conception Impacts Sperm Quality and Risk of Birth Defects
A new study out of Denmark found that use of the metformin just before conception led to a 40 percent increase in genital birth defects.'
Comedian Jim Gaffigan's Advice to Parents: 'It Only Gets Worse'
The popular comedian and father of five has made a living joking about parenting. He has a new revelation: older children are worse. He's kidding, right?
Redditors Share Why Their Toddlers Think They're the Worst Parent Ever
Sometimes you can't win when it comes to parenting a toddler. Unless you count commiserating with other parents who are also disappointing their illogical little ones.
Megan Thee Stallion Rapped Her Way Into History With A 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' Verse
Whether you loved or hated the first live performance from 'Encanto' at the Academy Awards, you can't deny Stallion's brilliance.
Popular Mom on Instagram Silences Haters After Husband's Vasectomy in the Best Possible Way
Sarah Nicole Landry, known as The Birds Papaya, received an onslaught of negativity after posting a cheeky video thanking her husband for getting a vasectomy. See how she gets the last laugh.
Celebs Support Disney Walkouts Over 'Don't Say Gay' Bill 
Raven-Symoné, Gabrielle Union, and more Disney stars are speaking out against the company's response to the Florida bill.

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Watch These Airplane Passengers Sing 'Baby Shark' To Calm a Crying Toddler
TikTok users say their faith in humanity has been restored after airline passengers helped calm a jittery toddler by singing the popular kids' song.
Jamie Lee Curtis Is Parenting Goals as She Gets Ready To Officiate Daughter Ruby's 'Cosplay Wedding'
Jamie Lee Curtis will officiate her daughter's wedding while dressed as Jaina Proudmoore from 'World of Warcraft.'
Parenting Doesn't Get Less Magical After the Age of 4—It Keeps Getting Better

This Instagram post reminds us that, despite what we're told, the best moments don't stop coming after early childhood.